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    Eyes Like Elijah


‘Eyes Like Elijah’ is an electro-worship ministry based in East London.           “HEAVEN”

We are delighted to support ‘Saturday Night Life’ hosted by JustWorship.Org.Uk.

Our worship has a very retro-synthesizer sound and although the retro genre of synth music is something of a niche, we feel that it is our specific calling. We are called by Christ Jesus to go out into the world and make disciples. We have been sent as disciples into the genre of retro-sounding synth music.

To some, synthesizer based worship music may seem very unconventional and a far cry from the traditional image of worshippers strumming acoustic guitars, possibly with a tambourine or two in the mix,  but there are whole swathes of people  who listen to retro synth music in the secular world. Some of the secular acts fill huge arenas and even stadia globally, so our calling is to introduce them to JESUS.         

Although the synthesizer sounds are really important to us, they are only being used as a vehicle for delivering the message. The most important element for us is this message itself, so we always quote the biblical inspiration alongside the song title. Sometimes the title is a direct quotation such as, ‘Iron sharpens Iron ‘ (Proverbs 27:17) . Other titles may be less direct such as, ‘God’s Telephone Number’, based on Matthew 6:6 which tells us to go into a room alone to pray. 

We think it is important to give the scripture origin, partly because it enables people to read further and partly because it keeps us in check. We dont want to meander and start offering our own opinion , we want rather to spread God’s word and not ours! Directly referencing scripture doesn’t seem to be very commonplace, even amongst christian musicians, this however convinced us it was the right approach!

We don’t want to make compromises with our worship, one should never compromise when it comes to God. The purpose of  ‘Eyes Like Elijah ‘ is to worship God and not to gain acceptability, especially commercially. One cannot serve both God and money (Matt 6:24). There’s a difference we believe between being a musical act singing about Jesus and truly worshipping JESUS with and through our music. 

It is not our aim to be critical, people we understand will have different callings, i am keen to note however that in our approach we strive to keep our worship as pure as possible.

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