Flagship Concerts for Musical Worship….

If you love worshipping God, if you love worshipping Jesus and being around others who do also.  If you desire to feel uninhibited expressing love from your heart towards Him . If you love being immersed in the uninterrupted musical appreciation of His Love . If you love hearing others around you express heartfelt adoration for Him and if you love being in a place where the focus of attention is on who He is, for these reasons and many more this vision will resonate with you. 

If however you only have an impersonal knowledge of Him, long to know His Love more intimately or have not begun a journey towards knowing Him and what He is like, then there is also a place for you to be wooed in worship .

Come with an inquisitive and open heart and you too can find a rapturous place in His different kind of love .

We’ve done all our teaching here on this website and preaching was only really mean’t for the Gospel. We’re not gathering to worship a preacher or teacher. We are not told there is preaching or teaching in Heaven but we know there is worship there! Come and share with us in truth and in spirit as we move in the rapture of nothing else but the musical worship of Almighty God.

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