After receiving what I felt was a prophetic word from God around Christmas 2015 about His desire to reach the lost , in the first week of the following New Year the Lord inspired  my heart  to begin a specific work in response.

It was to be a ministry of worship which reaches out through musical concerts held at least four times a year. Not just a song or music ministry but a specific ministry for true worship.  

Our Lord I feel said concentrate on understanding and getting into true worship such as God seeks(John 4v23) and see what It enables me to do in response for you and for the lost.

Planning behind these concerts will come from and be based on revelation knowledge from the Holy Spirit our teacher and guide into true Worship. Revelations received during private and small group worship are documented against scripture references expanded into a study then put into practice publicly. (The revelational studies are available to download from the Ministry Resources page of this website.)

The concerts would ultimately also be an evangelistic seed with which our Lord could draw the lost to Himself and not just music to entertain the church. As we exalt Him with the excellence due to Him, He draws people unto Himself.

Saint and sinner alike are to be wooed by His Spirit through true worship.


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