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(People who work with us in the worship ministry)

Fiona Yorke  (click here)

Fiona was gifted to us from God for the inauguration of the Saturday Night Life vision which was birthed in 2016.

Fiona brings a deep and heart catching presence to the worship which always conveys to the hearer real love for Jesus. 

Looking back over the first year of setting everything up and framing the concerts despite having many other almost regular commitments Fiona has proved to be the perfect choice to drive a vision like this forward and has been a source of professional joy to work with.

In John’s gospel chapter 4 we read about how God is actively seeking worship which is in spirit and in truth so we are grateful to Him for giving us the opportunity for Fiona to sow into that call with us and gradually take us there in a contemporary way. 

Thank You Father, God.