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(Inspirations for the younger worshipper.)

Young Worship


” I opened my heart to Christ at the age of seventeen.

Vulnerable to peer pressure and the push to conform to popular culture, I rarely felt comfortable or free publicly expressing love towards God in worship, even in my regular church Sunday services.

Looking back, some of the only occasions where I remember i felt able to overcome this was during gospel concerts held periodically by a church called the Potter’s House, ran at that time by an australian pastor .

I was invited to come to these concerts strangely enough by a non christian friend of mine who had an older christian sister that attended the fellowship.

When I experienced the collective musical adoration of other young people, teenagers and young adults who were all very ‘unashamed’ in their expressions, it strengthened my faith and paved a way for me to be more open socially about my own growing love for Jesus.

Looking back those concerts were an invaluable source of inspiration and encouragement to my new and young walk with our Lord and helped me to begin to lift up my creator during the days of my youth.

Ecclesiastes 12:1

UCL Dance Society students.

A rehearsal of dance worship , April 2018 .

If GOD doesn’t exist, ……….         

 We don’t want to either!