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(Poems, prose or personal psalms which magnify and give glory to the Lord.)

Kate Baines….


God has given me the gift of writing poems and more recently it’s been revealed that my gift of the spoken word is a blessing too. This is a new journey for me to explore a different way to worship Jesus and express my faith in Him in a way that may bless others. Praising God is an essential part of my day and worship of any kind is a wonderful way to do this. 


Lord , a new day has come

Let’s praise you

Let’s shout your name in praise

For you father have done so much

Our life is so worthy of praise

The fact we are breathing 

The fact that you got us through another day

The fact that we have a relationship with you

The fact you forgive us everyday

All these deserve praise

Trials hit us

Anxiousness comes

We feel sad and alone

But yet we can still praise

Praise you that you protect us from Satan

Praise you that you gives us peace and joy

Praise that you lord are victorious and have overcome the world

As we step into a new day

Let’s shout with joy and