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Peter is one of the Lord’s most recent gifts to us here at JustWorship.

He has written and recorded music for 2 years now and has committed his life to the Lord more and more as he has gone along.     

He writes from the heart and uses what he sees on the road in his work as a bus driver. He writes from the work God does within his heart and his life and also from what he sees in a world that so needs the love of God, which he feels is in our hearts.

He best enjoys music which comes from the heart.

“For me, the moments of crying out to God and living a life of worship can be expressed through music. I feel I’ve also got a unique way to present my heart in music too.”

 “Music was perhaps too much in my life until I surrendered it to God. That’s when I began to see my own gift flourish. I use music now to worship God rather than use it like a drug.”

Peter first guest worshipped at the Easter 2019 Saturday Night Life concert and has a ministry of his own songs like, ‘On My knees’ and ‘Rivers of Life’…….

Calling all anointed musical purveyors of God’s timeless truths.         

( If you are drawn to or involved in the ministry of worship and would like to share your calling  please contact us and share your journey.)