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Who or what receives our ‘WORTH-SHIP’ ?

Who or what is important to us?

Who or what have we decided is valuable to us?

Who are we trying to please in life?

Is it ourselves we want to please with the way we live our lives or someone else?

Who are we trying to copy in life ?

We are attracted to emulate who or what we admire!

Answering these questions may help us see who or what receives our ‘worthship‘ (worship).

For almost every decision we make in life we ask consciously or unconsciously whether giving of ourselves and therefore our time to something or someone is worth it!

Our desire to both spend time in worship and in covering God with worship reflects how much we value His presence and how much we think He is worth it!


He was, and is, and always will be the greatest example of who to admire.

JESUS CHRIST is the visible copy of the invisible GOD ALMIGHTY.

JESUS has made the experience of God’s Love possible.

Who HE is and what HE has done provides cancellation of the separation from God and His extra-special love that the sin  in our hearts produces…

Who can judge the WORTH of who He is?

Who can weigh the value of knowing Him? 

He is the object of our ‘WORTHSHIP’ .


For where our treasure is, there will our heart be also.

For what we value is what wins our heart.              (Matt 6:21)


The heart of this whole matter is what matters to this whole heart!


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