‘in spirit and in truth‘?


‘Regaining’ the concentration on Christ that was lost since the foundation of our world. 

See why He has done what He has done and Increase our lasting concentration on who He was, He is and He is to come.

Access on the next pages the revelational  truths about worship which inspired our vision and also bible based guides for musical worship.

These guides are intended for those who hunger to add knowledge and understanding to the desire God has already given them to worship Him.

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2. Musical worship.    

3. Musical worship in public

4. Private worship.      5.  Worship in spirirt.  

6. Worship in Truth.     7. Why Worship?

8. Battle for worship.  

9. Worship in the Gospel.

10. Worship Jesus.     

11. The Altar and its burn.     

Study of these guides is worship in itself!       

12. 1001 reasons to worship.

13. Worship Audio Appraisal. 

14. Worship Audio Appraisal continued.

15. Wisdom for worship.

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Completion due Winter 2022

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