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(A look at the work of specific ministries for worship)

Kingdom Worshippers Outreach 

Kingdom Worshippers Outreach

The Kingdom Worshippers Outreach (KWO) is an extension of Kwami David Ministries.

The Ministry was birthed April 2014 after a word came from God .

While ministering in a prophetic meeting God spoke to Kwami that he should gather singers and musicians to worship because God wants to use him and send him to all Nations.

God kept confirming his word in different ways, He will always hasten his word to perform it and when God calls and sends us for a particular work he also makes the tools available with helpers.

It started with two people, him and his lovely wife Serah.

She used to sing as backing vocalist in their community church while David played the piano as a praise and worship minister. Today God has been so good and has brought labourers into their vineyard.

Kingdom Worshippers Outreach is a ministry which aims to draw souls to Christ through Music, Evangelism and the Word .

The Ministry is made up of young adults from different denominations coming  together to work the field of souls to the glory of God .

In Mark 16:15 Jesus commissions us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature .This is the message of Jesus and now our mission to reach the world with the gospel of the Kingdom unto repentance.

As part of our vision to go through all the world preaching the ‘Kingdom of God’ to every creature our ministry is aimed at raising kingdom worshippers. This is musicians ,singers and worship leaders raised to understand the culture of heaven (kingdom worship) and to become true worshippers ,worshipping in spirit and in truth.

We are focused on gospel music and as part of our external services we minister at events such as weddings, conferences, gospel concerts, seminars, crusades, church anniversaries, album launching and all church spiritual events and programmes.

At Kingdom Worshippers we are committed to love , unity and fellowship as we embrace people from all backgrounds and all walks of life.