5.  ‘Understanding Worship in spirit’  

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God says, ” I am a spirit: and they that worship me must worship me in spirit and in truth.  John:4:24

Anywhere and anytime we can worship Him in spirit?  

Why is it a ‘must‘ from God though that we worship Him in spirit?

Part of the reason is that God is a spirit so far beyond being confined to any physical form or image conceivable by man that we must never reduce God in our thinking to any fixed image constructed by the mind!

Can a man or woman fully conceptualize God?

Though He has made it possible through Christ to know Him, He is also still nontheless too great to be fully known. Job 36v26.

Frankly despite our natural temptation to do so, in the type of worship God seeks we must not try to form any fixed image of Him in our minds! Earthly man cannot see God. (John1v18)

Worship in spirit is free from the influence of idolatry.

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