Worship in part is using something or substance to express thankfulness and adoration to God once we see Him for who He is and what He is like.

Music is the most common but not the only thing we use to express adoration. The women who anointed the feet of Jesus in the gospels effectively were using expensive perfume as substance and not a song to worship Him!

Giving, especially of the sacrificial kind can be an act of worship.

Nowadays our concept of worship focuses somewhat disproportionately on our use of music to offer up a song.  

I will praise the name of God with a song and and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Psalm 69v30

Rest assured however that any song which boosts your confidence in who God is, is a song that was made for worship.

2.  Understanding  Musical  Worship. (Click here.)

Did you know that music has a special claim?

In music we have something that was never created here on earth!

Music did not originate from anyone or anything on earth!

Google cannot give a definitive answer as to where music came from!

Mankind invented aeroplanes for flight, mankind invented light bulbs to illuminate darkness, telephones to help us talk over long distances , antibiotics to combat disease and historically many, many other creations nowadays we almost take for granted as we live our daily lives.

No man however invented music!

Music is ‘God-made’ not man-made.

Music was created in the higher realm of Heaven by God for the purpose and pursuit of WORSHIP!

It’s not just the sound of the instruments or the volume of the p.a. system that most interests God  but how we use music in our vocal expression of worship and our wider pursuit of Him.  


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