6 Understanding Worship In Truth. (Click here)

Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts                      Psalm:51:6 

Truth is fact which never changes!

For instance I could say ‘I am happy!’.       This may be a current fact about me.

This may be a true picture of how I am feeling inside now, but tomorrow that may no longer be a fact about me.

Our hearts may experience truths about God at different times and in different ways in our lives but during worship ‘in truth’ the unchanging facts of who God is and what He is like become the focus of it all.

For the Lord does not change, Malachi 3v6.

As a church there is a great place for singing love songs to God.

As strange as this sounds though love songs are not necessarily worship! 

Singing  ‘I love you Lord’ for example has a great place in our communications with God but can also be tested against a higher truth….

Jesus said in John14v21-24 it is the one that keeps His word that loves Him So if we are honest therefore with ourselves because of sin sometimes we do not keep His word. This means at times we cannot in the absolute sense of the word declare we do love Him. 

True worship or worship in truth however is based on declaring absolute truths, i.e. truths that are never subject to change. These absolute truths must specifically refer to something about what God is like and who He is !

The only source of absolute truth that is unchanging is God’s word itself. 

To worship in truth therefore is to worship from God’s own words about Himself and with heartfelt revelation of it!

Popular culture with Christian music for instance involves singers declaring their interpretation of truths we read in scripture or about various concepts, principles, ways of living, wisdom for life  etc and in essence are giving us ‘inspirational teaching songs’. 

For Worship in truth the worship we offer to God must be based on what God has alreaady written in scripture about Himself or what from scripture He may reveal by His Spirit to us about Himself.

God wants His true nature, character and personality to be loved and worshipped .

He wants to be celebrated for a correct and not incorrect understanding of what He is like.

So this means loved and worshipped for who He really is and not what we may think He is or want Him to be.

It is not difficult to relate to this desire of God for we are made in His image and as people we never like to be misrepresented or hear things spoken about ourselves that are untrue. 

How can we expect Almighty God to be any different !


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