8 . The Battle forWorship. (Click here for full study.)

Sometimes in life it’s not about who we are, but ‘whose‘ we are!   (Who we belong to. )

In fact we cannot truly work out who we are until we’ve decided whose we are!

Sometimes also in life it’s not about what we own but what own us!                                                  (Not about what we have, but what has us!)

Did you know for example that every person born whether they realise it or not is automatically pitted in an epic, age old and real life ‘ Game of Thrones‘?

Read on for an explanation……

God is Jealous for us,  jealous for our love…

He has a right to be, we all come from Him!

Jealousy is not envy however, they are often confused with each other and we need  to show the difference between the two for our understanding of this ‘ Battle for worship.

Jealousy is about wanting to fiercely guard and keep for ourselves what already rightfully belongs to us. It may become about wanting back or reclaiming what has been lost from under our legal ownership. We cannot by definition become jealous towards something or someone that was never rightfully ours in the first place. If we do then those feelings are better described as feelings of envy.

So envy is about lusting after and wishing to have whatever does not belong to us and something that is already under someone else’s rightful ownership.

There is nothing wrong with natural desire to possess or want things. Who has mastered their wanting? Want becomes envy however when the object of that desire is already within someone else’s rightful ownership.

Theft for instance is acting upon envy, when the envy in our hearts is expressed in our hands! 

In a shop for example when we pay the price we get a legal document proving rightful ownership of an item. That document is called a receipt. When we see an item that already legally belongs to the shop but we desire to own, we actually have envy towards the particular shop. Shop-envy! The only way to stop that envy becoming theft is if we pay a price! The price we pay is recorded on our receipt which is then proof we have become the rightful and legal owner and the sin of envy has been commuted or cancelled out!

Jealousy in itself is not corrupt and need not lead us to sin but envy however is the corrupted version of jealousy and will always lead us to sin. (Get your own!)

Jealousy His word tells us is ok, as God himself says He is a jealous God. Exod 34v14  

Envy His word tells us is not ok, it is described as unrighteousness in Rom 1v29, Titus 3v3 and 1 Tim 6v4 

So back now to our explanation of the battle…. 

As people we are all drawn in this battle between the ‘good’ Jealousy of God and the ‘bad’ envy of Satan.

What ‘bad’ envy of Satan I hear you ask?

From his high place of splendourous service to God, Lucifer as he was called before he became Satan, made the choice to look upon Almighty God with envy! Isaiah 14v13-14

Satan lusted to have what rightfully belonged to God, namely worship and adoration! He saw the adoration and worship that rightfully and legally belonged to God but unlike Jesus who paid a price with his life to get worship and adoration legally, Satan paid no such price and therefore to this day has not had his sin of envy commuted or cancelled out. He has no receipt from God. Jesus has a receipt from God which is the lambs book of life, recording in its pages all the lives purchased with His blood!

Satan has no such receipt! He acted upon his envy which in turn became theft and is therefore one of the primary reasons why the bible describes him as a thief . 

Equality with God was not, is not and never will be something to be grasped or desired! Even Christ who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped.

Phil 2v6

In one corner of the ‘ring’ is the righteous jealousy of God and in the other corner the  unrighteous envy of Satan.

We are born unwittingly into the middle of this spiritual struggle often played out physically through our various relationships with people in life!

Take courage saints the battle belongs to the Lord…. And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD’s.
1 Samuel:17:47

In His corner God uses His Love revealed in Christ, causing His jealousy to prevail towards us against Satan

In his corner Satan uses COUNTERFEIT Love and worldly riches as tools of His envy to prey upon our worship and turn us against God. 

Jesus can centre us in the midst of this battle when He comes into our hearts and causes God to win us over in much the same way we see He himself win over in the wilderness where He was tempted three times by Satan. Luke 4v1-13/Matt 4v1-11

If we read the account of this temptation (And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
Matthew:4:9) we see the same envious lust Satan has for worship and adoration attempting to be satisfied three times towards  Jesus Christ of all people! So how can we expect to be spared his deluded advances?

Planet Earth became the battle arena the moment Satan fell here like lightning from Heaven! Luke 10v18

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