What can you expect from our concerts?


1. Prayerfully pre-selected background music played as you arrive to settle in and also leave at the end, to preserve an atmosphere for worship.

2. Visual aids to help focus the mind on God’s creative Fatherhood over us.

3. Invitational worship for His Holy Spirit to come and guide our worship at the beginning of the live music set. 

4. Songs with a related theme in each concert to deepen concentration on the various ways we celebrate Him and a short opening presentation of the theme to activate and inspire revelation about Him for worship.

5. Songs easy to follow, not overloaded with words and without long or hard to follow sentences. 

6. No lengthy preaching, teaching or speaking except for opening or closing exhortations, testimony and encouragement.

7. The opportunity for amateur singers, lay ministers of music, aspiring worship leaders or just anyone who feels led by His Spirit to share a song and lead worship. Regular guest worship .

8.  P.A. and instrument volume levels which don’t become too deafening or loud as to drown out the sound of voices and words.

9.  An  informal service, people are free to sit, stand, lie on the floor and posture themselves however they feel led without external influence.   Children have a separate ‘kidz corner’ where they can worship along in their own way. 

10.  Freedom with a short playlist of no more than 6 or 7 songs to repeat, explore, customize or amplify songs within our concert time as His Spirit may guide us. 


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