They Just Worship…

Kweku ….

“Worship to me is the thankful lifestyle of a true lover of Jesus Christ. Even through difficult times there is still a desire to satisfy the inner hunger to sing songs and bless His name.  I look forward to hearing the sound of the angels and 24 elders singing Holy,Holy,Holy which inspires me while i am here on earth to make worship my lifestyle. “



From an early age I loved to sing and be part of my school’s choir. When I left school I didn’t really pursue my love of singing and I was a very shy child who lacked confidence. I wasn’t a christian and didn’t know Jesus for myself back then.
Later in life I realised I loved the dynamics and harmonies of gospel music, so I joined several gospel choirs over the years and performed with them at many events around London. 
I had started to venture into solo singing opportunities as they arose and as the right supportive people came alongside me. Then the world was thrust into a global pandemic in early 2020. The opportunity to pursue this next challenge in my life was put on hold.
Singing gospel music really inspired me and led me towards a relationship with Jesus. I have seen how many people are touched by it, irrespective of their beliefs at the time.
I see the tremendous value in the music ministry of JustWorship and feel extremely honoured and blessed to be a part of it.