They Just Worship continued…


I have a passion for souls and the love of God’s sheep. I am a great teacher of God’s word and the doctrines of the gospel.

I have a passion for worship and the presence of God.I love to sing and write my own songs to the glory of God. My worship comes from a deep place of gratitude and love for Jesus Christ who saved my life and brought me from total darkness into his marvelous light.


I was drawn into music as a teenager, had piano lessons during secondary school and took this to grade 5 in both practical and theory. I taught myself to play the bass guitar at the age of 16 and started playing it in church which then naturally turned into me using it during worship.

I’ve had a passion for music from this early age and use my gifts to bless others and as a way to give back to God talent he has already given to me.

Worship to me is a heartfelt expression to God in relation to how good He is and how He has blessed us. Despite whether we think we have a lot or little, God deserves our praise for the very fact of life and breath in the first place. More importantly, we are created to worship Him!