Just as Jesus showed us there is a way to pray in Luke 11:1  when one of the disciples asked Him if He would teach them, there is also a way to worship. Jesus gave us that ‘Lord’s Prayer’ as a pattern and template for how to approach God in prayer. We see from Matt 6:17 that Jesus even goes on to give teaching also for how to fast. From all this we begin to see there is a specific way to go about all aspects of our relationship with God, this we believe includes how we go about worship.

When Jesus said God seeks worship which is in spirit and in truth, our next question was Holy Spirit help us unwrap what ‘in spirit and in truth’ means. This ministry exists to present the many answers we believe He gave.

If we were to meet with earthly royalty, Kings or Queens, presidents of nations and worldly dignitaries we would be given a specific protocol to follow in our approach towards meeting, greeting and interacting with them. How much more should this apply therefore in our approach towards our Heavenly Father, His King of Kings and His Holy Spirit !

God seeks no earthly airs and graces, just worship which is in spirit and in truth. 

Worship therefore deserves its rightful platform and place to be regularly expressed and made manifest ‘as it is in Heaven’,  here on earth.

This is our vision. 

‘And the Lord answered me and said, “write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak and not lie. Though it tarry wait for it because it will surely come .” ‘  

So we thank God for your love and interest towards worship and pray we would be a blessing, source of inspiration and source of feul towards it.

Our prayer for you is that at home, in the car, on a headset walking the dog or through your headphones on the bus to work, wherever you are chanced you would surround yourself with the musical sound of true worship, that the spirit of worship will pervade your spirit and soul creating spiritual ‘chords’ that continually bind you to Him, in the uniquely matchless name of Christ Jesus.

Father touch us we pray in our understanding of how we worship you. 


Victor Adu (Founder)