WORSHIP involves giving regular affirmation to whom or what we’ve deemed worthy and set aside in our minds to receive our love, affection and admiration  in the first place. 

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Giving our love and admiration ‘in or with worship’ to anything or anyone else first but God is called idolatry.

It matters to God to whom or to what we devote our love and admiration because He knows that ultimately only He is qualified and justified to receive our truest affections.

Despite this though , loving God is not something we can ‘muster up’ ourselves.

He heals us, enchants us, He wooes and wows us!

He does things to show us why He is worthy of our love.

It  is Him who inspires worship  in  us….

Worship is our response to the effects of His love upon us.

It is our response to what His love shows us about Him. 

Worship is our expression of how His love makes us feel..

Worship is how our heart decides where to rest it’s lasting admiration and affections.

  1. Thanks be to Him that when we open ourselves up to His love through Christ , there is power to be released from our idolatrous condition and be inspired by Him to put our admiration and affections in the safest place that exists..

His hands!


Here at JustWorship.org.uk we encourage you whether within church settings or beyond the church setting to expose yourself to true worship, for the lasting benefit of your soul.