It is no coincidence Satan was effectively the worship leader in heaven before he fell and therefore true to his character wants to keep us in the dark about the place of worship in our lives and deceived in the way we go about it. Satan hasn’t changed in his deluded desire to divert worship away from God to himself. God however as we read in John 4v23  now more than ever seeks true worshippers and true worship so wants i believe to pour out a fresh understanding of how to go about it.  

True Worship because of the way it brings us into contact spiritually with God has special often untapped potential for touching the hearts of the lost, ‘burning away’ from sin and of particular interest amongst other things, psychological healing from mental ill-health as in one of our study downloads we seek to show.

An understanding of worship as a concept is being poured out afresh by the Holy Spirit, the only one who truly makes God known. The Holy Spirit is the great revealer of God, who God is and what He is like. He knows the type of worship that invites God’s presence and moves His heart.

So how to approach God in worship is being made open afresh by His Holy Spirit and we as a ministry have tried in part to capture and reflect this in corresponding studies, through our concerts, with outreach teaching and through this website.

Our studies are by no means a guaranteed ‘formula’ for musical intimacy with God, worship starts with where we are in our hearts privately towards and with Him so cannot be manufactured by formulas. There are however things to be mindful of when we seek to worship Him in spirit and in truth to show we care about how our worship comes across to Him.

Details from a full study are available in ‘bite sized chunks’ from the ‘ministry resources’ page of this website and details also of how to obtain the full publication called ‘Just Worship’.  


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